Monday, June 7, 2010

Emery Town receives water money

Emery Town council held a public hearing for input on the proposed water source improvements for the town. The total project cost is estimated at $6.67 million for construction, permitting, mapping, administrative costs, engineering and related expenses. Mayor Mistie Christiansen went before the Community Impact board and recently obtained a grant/loan package for a total of $1,070,000 for the project. The US Army Corps of Engineers is contributing $5 million toward the project. Other funds procured for the project include: Consol Mining for $125,000; Muddy Creek Irrigation and Energy Sector for $475,000.

The plan is to pipe the canal to the highway or until funds run out. There are many benefits for the project including a 30-40 percent water savings by stopping canal seepage. Currently the Muddy Creek canal company is working on the silting structure which must be in place before the canal piping project can begin. Any funds left over from the silting structure can be transferred to the canal project. Emery County Progress