Wednesday, April 4, 2012

USU Eastern positions itself for ship in career development

USU Eastern is positioning itself to become a regional leader as a community career center.

Joe Peterson, chancellor of Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah, announced that the college will be taking a fresh approach to its traditional career-building role in three main areas: enhancement of its partnership with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS), emphasis on skill evaluations, and simplification of the process for those pursuing careers and local industry seeking employees.

USU Eastern and DWS, in partnership with Carbon and Emery Economic Development, are zeroing in on local industries. Their focus is on determining what labor skills local industries need in the area to stay abreast of production needs. These snapshots will then be used by USU Eastern and DWS to either ramp up existing programs or guide them in developing new ones.

The result will be a more relevant and direct connection between labor skills needed and the labor training necessary, said Miles Nelson, associate vice chancellor over the Workforce Education Division at USU Eastern. Sun Advocate