Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Business friendly' - County planners consider new concept for zoning in rural residential areas

Somewhere between a garage or basement business and a factory or office building, there's a time when a small, growing company may need space to put two employees to work. The Carbon County Planning and Zoning Commission and staff are working on a new zone designation to accommodate that need. 

The idea, still in draft form, is to allow a small company to have facilities and employees in rural residential or rural agricultural zones. It would have to be done in such a way that the character of these rural neighborhoods won't be changed and the value of nearby properties won't be affected.

This concept is known as a small business overlay zone. The minimum lot size for this new zone is two acres. It would permit small business development in the Rural Residential 1 acre, 2.5 acre and 5 acre zones, and in the Residential Agricultural 20 acre zone. Property in the RR1 zone would have to meet the two-acre minimum.  Sun Advocate