Friday, August 10, 2012

Work begins on apartment community in East Price

The LaPorte Group out of Salt Lake and their owner Ben Logue are once again building in Carbon County. The group has purchased prime real estate on Price's Main Street and has broken ground on an apartment complex which when completed will house more than 70 units.

According to Nick Tatton, Price City community development director, the group has gained approval and broken ground on a multiple family apartment complex which will include a club house and swimming pool. The group is planning one, two, three and four bedroom apartments within the Eastgate Apartments and will place income restrictions on applications based on tax credits.

From a city planning perspective, Tatton commented that the construction will do quite a bit to open up that area of the city, providing access and development. The apartments would be better described as 'income targeted' rather than low income. Based on the size of the unit, the price will be close to market rate, he said. However, high income individuals would not quality for the units. The LaPorte Group's building plan is contingent on tax credits meaning that they financed the project based on their promise to provide affordable housing. Sun Advocate