Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School district considers options for property tax

“What more valuable asset do we have in San Juan County than our school children, and what should we put more dollars in that we have available than our school children?” asked San Juan School Board member Debbie Christiansen at the May 15 meeting of the San Juan School Board.

“We could cut the tax rate, so we are the lowest and then slash everything, so our kids don’t have a good education. I look at what we have done over the last five or six years, and I can’t see where we have been irresponsible in spending taxpayer money. I don’t know how much deeper we can dig and be able to provide our kids with the education that they deserve.”

Christiansen’s comments came as part of a lengthy discussion regarding the 2013 budget and suggestions that the district cut the property tax levy next year.  San Juan Record