Thursday, June 14, 2012

Improvements made to fishing at Joe's Valley and Huntington North Reservoirs

At the June Public Lands Council meeting, the new aquatics manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources Justin Hart talked about area fisheries.

Hart reported that for a few years the DWR has been working to improve the fishing at Joe's Valley  Reservoir and Huntington North Reservoir. Joe's Valley has become a trophy splake fishery and is popular among the locals but doesn't see much use by those from other areas. The Utah chub still infest Joe's Valley and the trout are almost nonexistent in Joe's Valley. The splake have been sustaining them and have been eating the chub. The DWR worked for several years mechanically removing the chub, but they aren't going to do that anymore and are letting the larger fish take care of the chub problem. It's the goal of the DWR to allow people to keep quality fish. In 2008 the DWR reported to the lands council some of the challenges these fisheries face and the different things that were going to be implemented to enhance the value of these waters. Emery County Progress